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Church Conference – August 28, 2016

Rosemount UMC is going multi-site in February 2017 with the launch of a second campus in Apple Valley. This has led lay and staff leadership to hold discussions on changing the name of the church.

Input from the Laity said that a new name should:
1) Be easy to remember
2) Express “You are welcome here”
3) Be based on Scripture
4) Use the word “church” or “congregation”
5) Be sufficiently different from other churches in the area

Laity also submitted a wide assortment of potential names. One name has arisen to the top of the list. This new name possibility will be shared with the congregation on Sunday August 14th.

A Church Conference will be held Sunday, August 28 at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary, to vote on the new name. A Church Conference is the “official” voting body. All are welcome to attend and speak freely. To be eligible to vote, one must be a member of the congregation.

Please plan on coming to the Church Conference on August 28th as we celebrate the call God has for this congregation moving forward.

Acts 2 Leadership Academy - We Need YOU!

Rosemount United Methodist Church is stepping out in faith and becoming a multi-site congregation.  In February 2017, we will launch a second campus in Apple Valley and a renewed campus in Rosemount.

An important key to a healthy, vibrant, multi site church is a strong leadership culture.  This leadership culture guides a congregation to do their work with clarity of purpose and leads them to focus efforts and resources in pursuit of a God-shaped future.

You are invited to participate in Acts 2 Leadership Academy.   Come and be encouraged and equipped for service, as we raise up leaders for both campuses. Our purpose is simple: to train you so you can sharpen your leadership skills and even maybe challenge your comfort zone. We think you will find that this valuable training may spill over into your personal, family, business and community life.
When? Sunday, September 11, 2016
Time? 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Where? Rosemount UMC campus -child care will be available.
Extent? Approximately 9 weeks
To sign up or for more information, contact Tammy Brollier at, or 651-460-6112.

The training, like leadership itself, requires a high level of commitment.  Participants are asked to make training a priority by their attendance at each session.  The training workshops are designed for high interaction and participation and the sessions are designed to process and apply content through large and small group interactions.  We’ll seek people ready to step into a new chapter of the church and possibly a new chapter in their own lives. 

Please be in prayer regarding your participation in this exciting leadership opportunity. 
06-05-16 | Vision Sunday | A Snowy Path
More information about our Multi-Site as presented by
Pastor Karen Bruins.

Download more information in our Multi-Site Messenger, Issue 1.